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University of Victoria


Feb. 28 (early admission), May 1

Application fee - $40-$100

UVic is the lead Canadian institution in the $300-million NEPTUNE project, an international effort to create an extensive high-tech scientific observatory network monitoring the ocean floor from California to Vancouver Island.


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From the UVic website: The University of Victoria is a comprehensive, research-intensive institution on Vancouver Island. UVic is located in the city of Victoria, with a mild climate and green campus year round.

UVic has one of Canada's most successful co-operative education program. Co-op education blends real-world, paid work experience with real companies with academic study.

Housing: There are many more applications than on-campus residence rooms at UVic, so a wait list is available.

Scholarship for International Students: Application deadline: February 28.

1. Photo of Victoria Airport

2. Photo of University of Victoria

3. Photo of Bamfield

5. VIDEO clip of UVic campus

Co-op education. At UVic, learning extends beyond the classroom. Our co-operative education program (co-op) lets you gain a year of relevant, paid work experience and a better chance of landing your dream job after graduation.

Students enrolled in co-op education alternate semesters on campus in class with paid work semesters in your field of study. Students must complete 3 or 4 work terms during an undergraduate degree. Co-op is designed to be a collaborative undertaking between students, employers and the university.


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