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Bishop's University


Mar 1, Oct 15

Application fee - $55

Bishop's is within a 1 hour drive of the Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine borders.


Off-campus housing
CJMQ Radio
Varsity Athletics
Unicycle Club

Enrollment: 2,188

From the Bishop's website: Bishop's University is a is a small, english liberal arts institution in the town of Lennoxville, Quebec. Established by the Anglican church in 1843, today Sherbrooke provides students with a modern, well-rounded education. The Williams School of Business was ranked as one of the top 5 business schools in North America by Forbes in 2006.

All Collège d'enseignement général et professionnel (CEGEP) students that earn an average of greater than 80% on their academic courses are guaranteed entrance scholarships of $2000. High school students from Ontario and Western Canadian with academic averages of greater than 85% are also guaranteed scholarships of $2000. Students from Atlantic Canada with academic averages of 88% are guaranteed scholarships of at least $2000.

Housing: Students are encouraged to live at Bishop's on-campus residence during their freshman year. The university offers guaranteed Residence accommodation for all first-year students. There are 7 different residence halls at Biship's University that are home to some 650 students, at least 500 of whom are in first year.

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