Online advertisement

All advertisment packages include website advertisement plus free Twitter and Facebook exposure.

1. Website advertisement

Impressions Run of network Specific pages
100 000 $9.00 CPM $15.00 CPM
250 000 $7.00 CPM $12.00 CPM
500 000 $5.50 CPM $8.50 CPM

Ad size: 200 x 200 px, 50k max, See sample ad placement here

Advertisers can track website impressions and ad clicks using DFP by Google. DFP's ad impression measurement process is accredited by the Media Rating Council to be fully compliant with Interactive Advertising Bureau standard.

2. Twitter

(Free) Your advertisment can be seen by our 1000 followers for free when website ads are purchased.

3. Facebook

(Free) Your message can be shared with our 1,000 friends for free when website ads are purchased.


For inquiries contact: sales@university-canada.net

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