If you are in the process of getting a roof for your home, we are here to congratulate you because that means that you are definitely closer to completing your entire home which would be the best thing that you could achieve. Investing in a good home is definitely something that everyone would recommend for you to do because it is a smart investment and you will never regret this decision because your children’s children could benefit from this as long as it is maintained properly. And if you are someone who is still contemplating about whether or not to get or build a home or not then this is the sign that you have been waiting for; you should go and chase that dream.  

Getting a roof is definitely an exciting thing to do but it is also a very challenging thing to do because it would require you to pick out the color of the roof. Surprisingly, picking out the roof color is so hard. It is actually making you choose between so many colors in the color wheel. But, you really have to do it because it is one of the most important things you have to do. The color of the roof would really matter because it is one of the very first things that you could see when you take a look at a home. Therefore, you should do your best in picking out the best roof color that you could put in your home. If you do not have any idea yet, then you should consult with best roofer in Troy MI because they are professionals and they could help you out in deciding for the best roof color for your home.  

Here are the four things you have to consider in choosing the right roof color for your home: 


Of course, you would want the exterior design of your home to be fully coordinated, thus you have to consider the other elements like the exterior paint that you are going to apply in your exterior walls and with that, you should coordinate it with the color of the roof that you are going to select. In that way, everything will look very coordinated.  

  1. STYLE  

For a more formal home, darker colors are suggested because it gives that elegant and sophisticated look but if you are going for modern home style or traditional home styles then you could definitely select lighter roof colors because it would perfectly match the style of the home that you are going for.  


You should not select colors based on inspiration photos online; you should ask professionals about the available colors in the market or in areas near your home because from there, you could pick out the color that you are going to have for your roof. You should only be working with what is available.  


We definitely suggest lighter colors for homes that are situated in a hotter climate because it will definitely make the attic temperature lower and cooler. And for those who want to keep the warm in their home because they are living somewhere cool then darker colors can be perfect.  

See to it that you pick the best roof color for your home.